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IPJ Technologies is rich of skilled personnel to give your websites the best design.

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A business centric environment, with corporations around the world especially in Europe, building sites with vibrant & brand colors, giving equilibrium of professionalism and artistic creations.

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24/7 Availability & Function

Hard Work



Availabilty of Systems are Reliable

Choose IPJ Technologies for professional websites, assured that we are always available to make sure you are online.

Integrating with the Internet World




Versatile Advertising Services

Professional SEO Services to make you loop through the search engines and making you priority in search results.

We Care About You






We plant and grow your business online

IPJ Technologies keeps you noticed online pointing you to targeted audience through strong links ensuring business growth.

Professional Design and Development




Simple and Cute Web Structures

Professional Design screening is performed to make layout simple and cute to fit goals exhibited highly responsive.

Responsive Layout

Responsive layout which automatically adapts to devices, for an optimized appearance on multiple devices like smartphones.

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Ellegant Structure

We build your website layout in a simple way to fit your business objectives making it simple and comprehensive to visitors.

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Mobile Support

Responsive styling templates for smartphones benefiting from a mobile menu to best match the touch based user interface.

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IPJ Hosting Plans

  • Silver
  • Pearl
  • Diamond
  • Gold

Silver Plan (Basic)

This plan is to get your website built and managed by us. This is usually good for those who barely have want anything to do in web building and designing. You describe how you want your website and we give you best layout to fit your objectives and motives. Use the  Website Request Form to request a website for yourself online now!

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Pearl Plan (Standard)

This plan gives you access to the back-side of the website. It gives you the chance to also post articles and view background performance and feedback ( although these will be sent to your or business email).  Use the Website Request Form to request a website for yourself online now!

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Diamond Plan (Professional)

With this plan you can decide the web platform or just present an already built website to be hosted. In addition, changes in database and file uploads can be made through permissions of our web administrators. You can do a whole lot more as you have you website always available online to make changes through. This plan is provided to Web-developers, to be sure they know what web is about and is controlled and scanned to protect our systems. Use the Website Request Form to request a website for yourself online now!

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Gold Plan (Premium)

Want to manage a C-Panel yourself? Well then this is the most suitable plan for you. Gold Plan gets you a Control Panel for your Website and also we assist you on how to manage it. This Plan comes with most cost because you pay all the services we were supposed to provide if you were to be IPJ hosted. We make your websites secure, prevent malware invasion. It takes normally a group or team to have such services worked on. Use the Website Request Form to request a website for online now!

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